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TVT is proud to be born out of 40 years of administration experience. Quite simply, I am a Virtual Assistant, and a specialist in time management. 

In fact, CEOs, Directors, General Managers, Operation Managers, Health Professionals, Lawyers, Barristers and Financiers have all benefited from my skills. As well, I have worked in private practice, and public service. Not to mention, my experience extends across various industries, not just law and health. 

This is why I know-

  • Your time is incredibly valuable

  • Your days aren’t long enough

  • You often struggle to say ‘No’

I am about providing you with quality, and timely virtual administration assistance. When you engage TVT service, you are engaging me, Sue Bozzola. I do not operate a team of VAs. I want you to have the benefit of all my skills and experience, and stress less. I want to give you back your valuable time.  

SO, all you have to do is trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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